A strategic campaign (we also call it “global”) is the most ambitious scope we could consider, because it involves creating a concept, giving the concept verbal and graphic form, adapting the concept to different media and evolving the concept over time.

Four examples to illustrate this section:

Concept: “With a Krona sliding door, you’ll gain 1 m2”. A real, valuable benefit (at the price of one square metre of home space) that is easy to assimilate.

The setting of one square meter evolved from its most basic and most evident manifestation, which was a red square according to the colour of the brand, until it became a less notorious although visually unavoidable flourish.
And we adapted it to supports as different as adds in decoration magazines, TV spots, stands, catalogues and books.


Concept: “What an idea!” This is the expression of the originality and practicality of the very broad range of products offered by the brand.

Media strategy: many 10″ spots (as the central media).
Formal strategy: presence of a “nice, popular girl” as the protagonist, with the support of known and catchy music.


Concept: “De-constipate”.

Within the particular framework of products that are sold at pharmacies without a prescription, we performed this pirouette, which got by the prior censorship without losing its communication ability.
Setting: Taking advantage of the suggestion of “release” included in the word “de-constipate”, we developed two TV spots, as well as POS material, magazine adds and graphic pieces with absolute conceptual and formal unity.


Concept: “The world looks better”.

Sharing more comfortable, luminous and energy-efficient homes led us to associate our brand with a better world. And the idea was adopted on the four continents where Technal is present.
Aesthetically, we’ve dressed it up in very different ways, always keeping the suggestion of comfort, light and environmental friendliness.